Brie Bella gets a chance to say YES!!


The Proposal
Brianna Garcia Colace aka Brianna Bella WWE Star finally got to say her own Yes chant to her long-term boyfriend of 3 years Bryan Danielson also known as Daniel Bryan. The two-time WWE Champion brought his girlfriend on a trek and at a breathtakingly view-point over the ocean in Big Sur Calif, he got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend of three years to be his wife.. yes I squealed as to t0p for it off it was all filmed for their Total Divas show on E!

TD_115b_Photo_04 TD_115b_Photo_05 TD_115b_Photo_14 TD_115b_Photo_15 TD_115b_Photo_07

The Ring


The ring an eco friendly & conflict free 1.5 carat diamond. Was vintage setting and the couple both designed the ring together it really reflects not only their way of living and style.

The Proposal Shoot

Can this day get any better the couple had a few photographs taken after the proposal what is adorable is they are both dressed in there trekking clothes.

TD_115b_Photo_06 TD_115b_Photo_09 TD_115b_Photo_13 TD_115b_Photo_08 TD_115b_Photo_17

To top it off he also flew in all Brianna’s close friends and family for a suprise Engagement party that night when Brianna thought her and her New Fiance were to attend a nice romantic dinner together that night.. outdoors 10/10 for effort !!

TD_115b_Photo_20 TD_115b_Photo_23 TD_115b_Photo_21 TD_115b_Photo_22



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