Delicious Dinner at The Blazin Grill 🍴🍷

So I really love finding restaurants who make amazing healthy dishes, especially that I have intolerance’s to foods that other people can eat without the problems I am subjected to.

Saturday night myself, Mam and my two little brother’s girlfriend’s all headed out for a girl’s night out to a restaurant called The Blazin’ Grill in Dublin 24. The restaurant itself is spacious with comfortable boots and can hold large party’s. It is surrounded by glass windows that stretch the whole length of the restaurant which brings in a lot of light too. It’s very cosy but trendy too.


They do a great deal on their menu, you can order a three course for €22.95 which is great value. I opted for the healthy option I always try eat foods that benefit my gut health
and not disrupt my intolerance. They do a lot of gluten free based dishes which is amazing!



I had Salmon roulade on a bed of rocket salad, sliced beetroot and seasoned with green pesto and pumpkin seeds.



I had Jamacian Jerk Chicken which I first tasted in Domician Republic and fell in love with this dish it’s so light and tasty. For an Irish restaurant to do it and almost match a 5star hotel I was amazed how nice it was. It was on a bed of pilo potatoes, sundries tomatoes and red pesto with coleslaw .



I had passionfruit and Mango ice cream cheescake which was so tasty and light.
I also had a sneaky glass of wine the house Sauvigan Blanc.
Overall I felt fine after eating. Was so light and refreshing dishes to eat would defo going recommend paying them a visit.The Blazin Grill
Overall Presenation


Presentation was superb overall 10/10 for service and food.

Giggles with My Mammy


We had a great night and even had a little chat about wedding bands were my Mam decided to try on my engagement ring and suprisingly it fit her perfectly. So funny trying to get it back though, she wasn’t letting go of my sparkler any time soon. 💎

Hope you enjoyed my post.


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