Trend Alert! Birkenstocks


So being quite tall and working such a hectic hours, I found that my feet were so sore after running around and standing all day. Wearing heels to work became unacceptable as the pains in my lowered back were unbearable. Trendy pumps or shoes were even more painful especially because there very narrow and with little support to the foot. This made finding the right shoe impossible until I heard of Birkenstocks. I am a size 8 and have quite a broad foot which is understandable as I’m 5ft 11inches.


Birkenstocks have featured in Vogue, and supermodels Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr swear by them. Including celebrity such as Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo Di Caprio, The Olsen Twins.



Even Givency has made there own version of the iconic footwear

I actually love the gold version and found some cool styling with this style sandal.


So I looked up and found the following information very helpful


Designed by Nature

By their very nature feet are designed for walking barefoot on natural ground where weight is evenly distributed across the entire foot.

Hard surfaces are quite a strain on our feet, as our weight is only distributed over three pressure points.

The Birkenstock footbed was inspired by the natural print a foot leaves in the sand, which allows the foot to function as if it is walking barefoot.


Healthy Posture

Healthy posture begins with our anatomically formed footbed. Our neutral heel encourages a healthy, balanced walking gait, keeping 90% of the body’s weight focused on the heel, where it should be, rather than shifting pressure onto the more delicate metatarsals and toes. Walking in high heels leads to an abnormal posture, where the body’s axes are out of balance.

Freedom of Movement

Many shoes are designed much too narrow for the shape of the foot and as a result the natural walking action of the foot is constrained. The Birkenstock footbed was inspired by the shape of a healthy foot and provides feet with the room for movement they naturally require.


1. Deep heel cup – gives the foot a firm hold and stabilises the heel.
2. Transverse arch support with metatarsal raise – helps shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot.
3. Medial and lateral longitudinal support – balances the feet when walking.
4. Toe grip – guides the toes and promotes natural rolling motion of the foot.
5. Cork, latex and jute footbed – is extremely flexible and naturally cushions the foot to allow a more natural gait.
6. Suede leather cover – absorbs moisture and significantly increases wearing comfort as a result of skin friendly features.
7. Footbed rim – extends upwards to cradle your foot and protect the toes.

Today I paid Arnotts a visit to see what selection they had of Birkenstocks and was so surprised they had such a great selection, from polka dot, floral, patent leather, neon coloured even shamrock Birkenstocks I wanted them all.

It was very hard to pick  a pair let alone two. I ended up going for a Metalic Gold leather Gizeh and a Bronze too from the same range reason being I felt gold & brown are more versatile and your able to match them with outfits and there still dressy!!
Gizeh Sirocco Gold
Model: 843701


Gizeh Graceful Toffee


Model: 845221


The classic Birkenstock thong sandal in toffee birko-flor, with adjustable strap and shock absorbing EVA sole. We recommend the Gizeh model in the regular width for all foot types. The Birkenstock footbed is made from cork & latex and is covered in a fine suede liner. Features include pronounced arch support and a deep heelcup for maximum support.

The sales assistant was very helpful let me try on a dozen styles and helped me find the perfect pair to suit my needs.. honestly you need to try these they support all the things you need to support, posture,back and foot and still look amazing on.

I also loved these looks..






Any questions don’t hestitate to ask ,
x E x


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert! Birkenstocks

  1. therealjlow says:

    Heya, lovely article I have a quick question for you as a Birks wearer. This year I must admit I bought ‘faux birks’ (for shame – and because im stingy with cash/fashuun) but the thing that worried me was my toe hitting the front where its raised in the real ones? (still considering for my many India trips) How closely fitting to the foot are they meant to be? I fear the thought of getting rubbed! haha
    again loved this!

    • sprinklemepink says:

      Hi Jessica, Thank you very much!
      see that’s the reason I stopped buying cheaper sandals. I found that the support and quality gave way a lot quicker and had to buy new sandals or shoes regularly which funny enough would cost more in the long run. So I made sure by investing in the Birkenstocks that they were versatile for so many things and that they’d be worth the money. With Birkenstocks the raised footbed is to protect your toes and also so your not sliding out of them as there is grips in the footbed. Also the ridges are rough at start but when the sandal moulds your foot it eventually softens and is comfortable. In mine I can fit my index finger between the top of my sandal to to my big toe and the same at the back you should have room for movement. Also there are two fits in width I went for the wider fit as I’ have a long foot but I’m wide across the bridge if my foot. So I didn’t want to be walking on the edge of the sandal. And with me it was more a comfort over fashion choice it just so happens comfortable sandals are now in fashion and people can feel comfortable going for this option without being judged on the choice. I’d suggest trying your sandals and breaking them in before you go travelling then you’ll know if there going to give you Any problems because last thing you will need is bad fitting sandals while traveling .
      Elizabeth 😊

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