Wedding Cake Tasting 🎂 🍰

So last weekend we decided to make a trip to our wedding cake baker Maria of Maria’s Cakes in Kilkenny City. So we booked a hotel and went down the night before. We met the lovely Maria back in February at a wedding fair at our wedding venue Langtons and we both were instantly drawn to her wedding cakes which says a lot as there’s so many wedding cake vendors at these events.
I had saved a photo of a cake I loved when we first got engaged and was so surprised to see she had the exact cake on display 2 years later. What I loved about this cake was it wasn’t what you’d typically see at a wedding, it was different and had character and funny enough reminded me of my Grandmother’s baking as she always loved Victoria sponge. Maria offered us 10% OFF if we booked with her on the day which was great and we instantly paid a deposit of €50. I explained I’d be having 170 guests and unlike most caterers she didn’t try make us order a bigger cake she explained the size she had on display would be perfect.

Having attended a lot of weddings I haven’t really enjoyed the typical iced cake and found it very dry and the icing sweet and to a required taste, although I love how iced cakes look design wise. I opted for taste over look this time. My Mam is a big baker and is known for her baking ,so I would have liked her to of made my wedding cake but that’s a lot of pressure to make a cake to feed 170 guests so I wanted a cake she would love to.

The Tasting
On the day before our trip to Kilkenny we booked in with her for our cake tasting which was a last-minute decision she kindly fit us in we arrived at her coffee shop. Maria’s cake shop is on situated inside  Kilkenny Retail Centre, on a the lovely James’s Street, Kilkenny and she had laid out some lovely big teacups and a stand of delicious cakes to taste  My Fiancè was very excited about this which was very funny.

She had Lemon drizzle ,Chocolate Malteaser , Carrot cake, White chocolate & Raspberry sponge, strawberry jam & Cream, and Chocolate cake. I thought Graham would love the Chocolate cake as he’s a big chocolate fan. I personally like lemon & carrot cake but found lemon to biter for a wedding cake it was delicious though and so was the carrot cake. The raspberry and white chocolate was a hit with Graham which shocked me but made me happy as I wanted to make sure he had a say in the cake too. I really enjoyed the White chocolate and raspberry I thought it was fresh and sweet but the bitterness of the fresh raspberrys made it that much more enjoyable.Every cake was amazing but I was delighted that we both agreed on the same flavourings and that Graham loved my ideas as much as I did.


Being Coeliac I had a few questions about gluten-free options Maria can bake any cake, Gluten free, egg free,dairy free and vegan friendly options. Everything they make is homemade using Free Range eggs from Granstown Portlaoise and real Irish butter from local shops in Kilkenny. Which is very important to me to know exactly were the ingredients are coming from.

So Maria showed us her portfolio and we decided on what style tiers we wanted the overall look of the cake and the fillings. We decided to have the top-tier which is the smallest for ourselves as everyone says you never get to taste your own wedding cake as your so busy so we had made a pact to reserve a tier so we could enjoy it. We decided the Top (Which is smallest tier) and bottom tier (which is largest) would be White chocolate and freash raspberry jam filling
and the middle tier was Traditional Victorian sponge with strawberry jam & fresh cream.


Maria was so helpful with the design,layout and filling and I decided on fresh blush pink roses to decorate the cake. I being a typical woman liked three different design aspects of three different cakes

1. I loved the fresh pink roses I seen on the cake below.

2. I loved the fresh strawberries, raspberry and red currants I had seen on the original cake we first seen at the wedding fair. But I didn’t want them to be overpowering and I liked the icing powder I think it added an edge to the cake.

3. I liked the neater tier displayed cake so changed the dimensions so it wasn’t compromising the overall design. I found the bigger the cake the more sloppy it became so I didn’t want that to happen to our cake.

It was so much fun and honestly I think every couple should take time out to go cake tasting as it’s important to do these tasks together and get your husband to be’s advice. I honestly can’t recommend Maria enough she was such a great help and listened to every need and want in our wedding cake. I would recommend making a visit to Maria’s bakery you can contact her via the following details below.



 085 8308398   /  056 7780494


Maria’s Cakes Kilkenny



I also forgot to add the delivery is included in the price and any requests on your wedding day like reserving your tier or how its to be cut can be done. I cant wait to see our finished cake on the day I will upload shots then. Hope you enjoyed my post now I am off to make some Tea & Cake ..Yum !




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