Yes 💎! The New Years that had a ring to it 💍

The Reception

New years eve 2012 happened to be the most life changing New Years of my life.. My boyfriend and I decided to attend a Charity New Years Eve ball with friends in aid of Barnardos Ireland in The Westgrove Hotel in Clane Co.Kildare.  I always find New Years eve to be disastrous no taxi’s, long ques, people squashed into clubs and in Ireland it usually results in walking home in a snow blizzard.. So this New Years we had a mission and it was to have a really good night. The hotel was fab modern and stylish and really took my breath away, the reception area had lovely big lounge sofas and a 360 window with lovely views. The night started of to a Champagne reception and we all got to kick back until the bell rang for dinner..image

The Meal

We were all seated to a five course meal which was a bit fancier than our usual New years food haha! Food was absolutely amazing, for starters I ordered Roast vegetable soup with chives followed by Champagne sorbet and for mains I had the Seabass fillet with cauliflower Puree, Saffron Cream and Buttered lemon asparagus. We were all so stuffed after all the courses it was hard to even move. After dinner there was a raffle and to my amazement my ticket was picked out not once but twice the first was a bottle of Champagne and second prize was a weekend away to the Radisson Blu Hotel Galway I was delighted as I never win raffles.image

The Proposal

After the raffle the band came on and we spent the night shaking it on the dance floor the waiters served us champagne for the twelve bells and we all sang in the count down. I was feeling a little tired and wanted to sit down ( the joys of being a coeliac, eating such a big dinner can make me very sleepy) My Boyfriend convinced me to stay up just a little longer, so I did about ten minutes later the band called out for everyone to form a circle on the dance floor. I laughed  as I thought we were going to do a funny dance. When suddenly I hear the MC say ” Is there Elizabeth in the room? ” My boyfriends friend chuckled and then I heard the MC say is there a ”Graham here” I seriously thought they were trying to embarrass me as boys will be boys. So I didn’t know what to think until I seen Graham appear with a mike in his hand at this point I was so confused, but I found myself  now in the middle of the floor with the rest of the guest surrounding me.  He proceeded to tell me that he knew I was the one.. when I waited 6 months for him while he was deployed on a peace keeping mission with the Irish Army. That he knew the moment he landed when he seen I was standing in the airport waiting for him and how he felt about me to which I heard a few ”Awhhss” from the crowd. He said I know were young but so what I want to ask you something and just like that he got down on one knee in front of the whole room and asked me to marry him I actually went snow-white with shock I started to cry I couldn’t believe it as I had no idea he had planned this without me even noticing, especially as us women have a way of finding out everything.image

The Answer

Before he got to finish I paused and actually turned to his friends girlfriend who had my camera that I hoped she had gotten this moment everyone laughed out loud and then I turned to Graham and I said ” Yes of course I will Marry you ” I was shaking while he put the ring on my finger and everyone cheered it was such a happy moment. I can’t even remember what I said after that because I was so shocked but so happy..The Dj played Joe Dolan’s ”Goodlooking Woman” which is hilarious such a typical Irish song and we had a little victory dance while all the guests surrounded us. After our dance we went outside to  call our parents and any of our close friends who couldn’t make it that night. We truly enjoyed every minute it was so exciting with people coming up to congratulate us and wish us well.image

image The ring

My engagement ring was gorgeous I couldn’t believe how he had gotten it so right. I love vintage engagement rings with the focus being on the detail more so than the modern rings. He explained that he hadn’t spent a fortune on the ring encase I didn’t like it but that he would get me whatever I wanted as he had put money aside for my ring. To be honest I didn’t care because it was all the things I love in a ring. It was so special to me that he had picked it out without any help from anyone especially the fact he got it all so right and it was unique made me one very happy lady.

image image

The Aftermath 

When the ball ended we went home and stayed up singing Sing star with our friends until all hours which was very funny. When we woke the next day I still couldn’t believe the night had ended with a diamond ring on my finger.  I went to turn on my camera and thought it was broken, until I charged it to see his friends girlfriend had in fact got the whole moment. I was so happy because it happened so quickly I didn’t think she would have been able to work my camera or get the moment so quickly but she did and I was so happy that our special moment was captured on camera. It was perfect. Its such a precious moment that I can treasure for the rest of my life..


The Future

So now I can say 2013 was the start of the rest of my life. I never really thought about marriage or being proposed to of course all girls do dream in our own little bubbles, but I always believed in everything happens for a reason and if it is meant for you it will be.  Meeting a man who is not afraid to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him, has certainly made me cherish him that much more and the people who surround me. I am very blessed to have such wonderful people who I love.. love me in return, Stay tuned for my wedding plans .. to be continued 🙂


Love and Light 




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