Wedding Ring shopping 💎 💍


So lately I’ve been finding it hard to find the perfect wedding band to match my Vintage halo engagement ring. Because the engagement is so unique I never realized that having a one of a kind ring would be so hard to match up.


The ring has 6 diamonds on the right and 6 diamonds on the left of the centre Diamond. Then the inside shoulders have 5 diamomds on each side totally 10 diamonds per side and also diamonds surround my centre Diamond on top and around that’s a lot of diamonds for one ring!


I originally wanted a curved wedding band to match my engagement ring But have been wary as to get a perfectly fitted curved band. Some jewellers say it’s the only way to have the band sit perfectly against it, others say it’ll destroy my claw settings and scrape the diamonds  eventually from wear and tear. And I’ve been to so many jewellers looking at costs. Some see my engagement ring and automatically double the price. One jewellers quoted €1,200 to make it in 18k gold to match my engagement ring with 6 diamonds on each side which would be 12 diamonds in Colour G Clarity SII. Then I found a jewellers who was selling there own curved bands for €840 but when I tried it there was still a significant gap. It looked very well but I still was a little unsure it was too much


But funny enough the last jewellers I visited called Bespoke Diamonds on Kildare st. Tom wasn’t interested to in telling me how I should of definitely go for these curved rings he gave me the option to try two to my hubbies delight


As with time I’d like to have two matching bands 1. As my wedding band and 2. Hopefully as a eternity ring so I noticed how O.T.T they looked and almost Lego-like. Also he noted I have more than enough going on in my engagement ring that a simpler wedding ring would be just as nice. The jeweller kindly showed me a alternative V shaped wedding ring and interestingly I actually found it quite flattering and especially in cost costing almost half of the first option..


The thing I liked about this V shaped band was it could be worn on its own and still looked nice unlike the curved bands looked odd on there own and there would be days were I wouldn’t wear my engagement ring.


What do you girls think ?? Any opinions on which set you would prefer??



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