NYE makeup..Urban Decay 💄

Decided to make good use of my Christmas bonus and treat myself to some new makeup & some lip gloss. As any bride-to-be will know when wedding saving every cent goes to something other than yourself. I had my makeup done with Urban Decay and there policy is you purchase two products which means your make over is free, so the make-up artist matched up my colour to my skin colour and I was number 4. I actually liked how lightweight this foundation is as I hate heavy makeup. I like my skin to be able to breath and also to look like myself. I opted for a Smokey eye with eyeliner.


Naked skin Foundation €38

I also picked up this lip gloss too which I adore it’s not sticky, it lasts long and is quite natural looking.


Naked skin lip gloss € 19

Funny enough I was too busy throwing a eye on my niece that I never got to take up close photo of my look. But I have a some what up close photo of myself & her .. see below …



What did you girls do for your NYE makeup & hair styles ??


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