Homemade Guccomole

So I’m all about making food from scratch and I’ve really fallen in love with Avocado. I’m usually the type of girl I will try any type of new foods once and if I like it fair enough, if not it goes into my memory bank of foods to never brave again. Funny enough being brought up in a family were my Mother always made fresh food & baked there isn’t much foods I don’t like to date so this little healthy snack is a great source of good fat for your body.


You can chop it up & add some tomatoes to your scrambled egg in the morning , or have it on it’s own, or maybe as a side for your dinner instead of fattening/sugary sauces.

My fiancè loves to add slices to his burgers or I like to always include it in a fresh salad or if your a nacho fan like me you’ll have to make this on its own for dipping your nachos into it . Guacamole comes from Mexico.

I remember the first time my fiancè cut up a avocado and he thought the seed on the inside could be eaten and the avocado was barely ripe that when I bit into it was like rubber very funny but after some avocado history from me he soon learnt how to prepare and know when the avocado was ripe enough to eat

2 Avocado’s
1 medium tomatoes
1 medium onion
1 chilli

Trick is : The ripeness of a avocado is so important so gently press down on the outside of the avocado and if it is soft you know it’s ready to eat if it’s hard it may need more time to ripen and if it’s very soft it could be gone off you won’t know that until you test it for taste and you usually can tell the minute it hits your palette. Think of it like the way bananas rippen.

Firstly Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed (be careful If you have children the seed is like a golf ball and young kids could get there hands on it ) image

Use a sharp knife to cut the outer skin off and then get a spoon and scoop the avocado from the skin.

Put into a bowl. Using a fork crush the avocado as if you are making mash.


Chop up a small tomatoe,onion and some chilli of you wish to add some spice I then squeeze in some fresh lemon & lime juice which stops the avocado from Browning and some people use salt too I don’t like salt so I leave it out.

And voila you have your own home made guccamole .. which can be used as a side or for dipping nachos,carrot sticks etc in 🍴



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