Tasty protein filled lunch 🐟

So today I had a delicious protein filled lunch I cooked the lunch last night as I am not a morning person haha! And I Done two batches one for my Fiance. Usually I’d cook myself double for lunch for two days but I’m bit wary with fish so I only ever prepare fish for the next days consumption.

Firstly I washed the Aspargus and then put them in a pot of boiling water and cooked them for less than 10 mins until they were tender. I drained them and left them to cool.

I also boiled some frozen brocolli for at least 10mins until they were cooked with these vegetables you don’t need to cook them too long or they’ll go mushy.

Then I preheated the oven for 5 mins I put the Alaskan Salmon on some tin foil I sprinkled both sides of the salmon with some water a little bit of our virgin olive oil, and some mixed herbs for seasoning I also added some pine nuts and then some fresh lemon slices to keep moisture then I loosely closed the tin foil and cooked for 25-30 mins.

When finished I put the salmon on a plate and left until it was cold and able to store popped them both in a lunch box & into the fridge.


I also had some gluten-free green curry sauce on top for some flavour as sometimes eating all greens can be very bland on the palette.
Have you any favourite on the go dishes ?
        E 💏


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