All you need is 🇱🇴🇻🇪 ❤

So I’ve been looking for some Love inspired lighting lately for my wedding day. My theme is Old Hollywood so I really think it adds that bit of glamour to a venue.Ideally I would of loved huge lettering like below ..


But being a bit more realistic. I decided that I neither have the time to get creative and do some D.I.Y and make my own, and then the money you’d spend to rent them could be used for something more important on your big day. I was over the moon when randomly my vision came to me on a recent shopping trip to Penneys Dundrum. 


I was ecstatic to see not only have they stocked this but at a amazing price of €20 none the less I rang the hubbie-to- be to confirm if it was ok to buy it, of course he said Yes! But I like to include him in every detail, as he has been more than helpful with planning as it is his day after all too. Penneys stock some amazing trinkets that can be used for your big day and at great prices too so it’s definitely worth the trip.



When I returned home I tested it out at night to see exactly how it’d look and I am in  Love with my new 🇱🇴🇻🇪❤


You can check out some more amazing  products here Penneys Ireland
I can’t wait to see it lit up for my big day… ✨

🎀 Elizabeth 🎀


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