Hello February 🌸

I have never been happier to see February Just because it’s my favourite month ! Not only is it the month of L❤VE but also my Birthday month and what I love most is the change in the weather its beautiful 🌸

So everyone has New Years resolutions. But because my New Year is always busy due to work. I have February ones and this year I’ve decided that I have 10 things I want to do the following

Take Time To … 1. Read more Books I’ve yet to read The Help,Whats Stopping You, The Longest Ride.

2. Pamper myself Bubblebaths, Facials & Hair treatments.

3. Hydrate Drink at least 3L of water a day.

4. Yoga Book myself into a class finally..

5. Hillwalk Get back out on the hills the weather has stopped my walking.

6. Girls Night Get more girls nights out everyone loves a SATC style evening 💄

7. Quality Time With my family. Were all of us are in the same room for once.

8. Say No More I tend to put everything and everyone before myself so no more.

9. Sleep I never get enough of it and constantly tired due to lack of sleep.

10. Eat Paleolithic Something I’ve wanted to try for overall well being, being Celiac takes its toll on your body.

What resolutions  have you set yourself  this year?

🎀 Elizabeth 🎀



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