Personal ways.. to number your Wedding tables

So you’re getting married and you want to add some personal touches without getting to carried away..

I have looked for ways to add my own little touches to my wedding day. If your blessed with a great venue as I am that does not need much decorating then that’s great as you don’t want to go too OTT.. But it can be a expensive so be realistic I love photography and photographs to me really are sentimental. so I decided Instead of your plain numbers I wanted to put photographs of us at different ages in our lives as the table numbers as we are having 170 guests that’s 17 years in photos from Age 1 to 17. I also thought it was a fun way for your family & friends to have a giggle over your childhood photos.

On a recent trip to Penneys I came across these wooden heart-shaped frames perfect for my tables they were €5 each but were reduced to €2 each and I ended up getting exactly 17 of them for €36 what a bargain.. So keep your eyes open and always buy in sale to keep your budget down!! Plus these frames will be amazing scattered throughout your house when you get married. With social media taken over today its seldom people actually print photographs out so this gives you a perfect excuse to organise those snaps and get to a printers.


🎀 Elizabeth 🎀


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