30minutes to prepare a healthy dinner!


Monday is always the hardest day to eat well and there is nothing worse than coming home from a long day to cook from scratch. So a little advice is on Sunday when making your dinner make extra food so you can use it for Monday’s dinner and that I just did.

I like to eat a lot of flavours as I find I feel more satisfied plus being coeliac I need a lot of vitamins in my food.

I used roasted sweet potato, turnips, carrots
Side Salad
Red peppers, spring onion, sweet corn, baby tomatoes and cucumber.
I bought these at the butcher they were already cleaned and frozen. Plus buying from a butcher you know exactly what it is in the food. Having a intolerance you need to stay away from packaged meat & fish and buy it fresh. I cooked the Cod for 20-25 mins on a lightly greased pan I used some Olive oil for that. Cod is quite light so I cooked two pieces to fill me up.
I also mashed up 1/2 a avocado as a side too I love avocado.
I also recently found this amazing Mint Sauce in Aldi and it is very low in calories. Made with Balsamic vinegar too so it was very tasty and added some flavour to the cod.

Preparation was literally only 30minutes as I had already the side salad & veg prepared. Personally it is a good way to make sure you’ll eat right and quickly ready for your busiest days. I had lots of time for myself in the evening to relax then 🙂



2 thoughts on “30minutes to prepare a healthy dinner!

    • sprinklemepink says:

      Thank you Liz.. I have been battling coeliac disease past four years and its tough on my overall well being. Stomach swells 90% of the time I gained weight because I was unable to break down my foods naturally have been struggling to find happy medium eating food I haven’t prepared myself is the battle so much processed foods are full of ingredients that make me ill instantly!

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