Home Interiors Inspiration for Summer

So this beautiful summery July, makes you realise how everything looks in the summer light and I love some interiors inspiration these are my favourites. They aren’t fussy and easy to do with the right accessories.



incorporate some fresh flowers to your dining table if you grow your own in your garden you can use those or even artificial ones that you know will keep. I think there very beautiful and romantic at a table setting.

Dream wardrobe


If you have a small room or don’t like the look of a bulky wardrobe (like me) this can be perfect for you. Floating shelfs for extra storage. One length rail to stretch the whole way across the wall to give a continuous look. Also it’s great to be able to see your clothes and colour co-ordination is a must. I have all my wardrobe sectioned in style. Casual Dressy and colour co-ordinate. Use the shelfs for accessories clutches,handbags, belts etc. A full length mirror is also a must and hanging it on the wall gives you better distance especially if wearing a long dress or wanting to see your shoes. Always remember to paint these room in crisp colours white,nude,or light beige as it brings lots of light and keeps the room looking fresh.

Vintage Boudoir


Use your bedroom space wisely by bringing some french inspiration to it. Boudoir is a french term for a lady’s private dressing room. Use Lace on the walls and  vintage hooks to display your jewellery, Mannequins are great for piecing together your daily outfits. Drape lace from your windows as light curtains. Strip the floors to show the floorboards in their natural state and give them a wash of white paint not only does it widen the room but its a great excuse to bring more light to the room. Textures add lots of character so mix it up using different textiles recycle throws by cutting them up for a nice soft rug or make cushion covers. Your room should be clutter and gadget free especially if you want to get a peaceful nights sleep. Use trinket boxes to store away any items that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Cosy Sitting Room


I love the feeling of getting lost in a movie cuddled up on the sofa while switched off from the world, especially in the summer evenings. You don’t want heavy colours or drapery so to let the room breathe stick to light pastels incorporate this by adding cushions,candles or a light throw in all these colours.  Using Metallic’s like the clock & candelabra bring vintage elegance and the wood brings warmth and rustic feel to make it that more homely.




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