Simple Natural Makeup look..using 4 products 💋💄

When I’m not working I tend to let my skin breathe as it’s important to nourish your skin as much as you can so I created this look using only 4 products yes four products ladies after all less is more;)



First up I always cleanse and moisturise before bed I find toners are very harsh on my skin so rarely use them as I think they strip your skin of its natural layer.
The one brand of moisturiser I swear by is by Clairns, for night I use Multi Active Night and Multi active day they are expensive but worth every cent and once you use sparingly they last you months.


Face Iasdora B.B cream

I love how light BB creams are especially  that this contains a Spf I chose Medium no.2 as even though I am sallow skinned your foundation should really blend into your natural skin tone in winter I do be a little lighter in summer I’m a lot darker so pick your colour on your exact skin tone at the time. I also applies this using my fingers as it blend nicer and you don’t need to keep applying it to a foundation brush.wpid-isadora_bbcream_final.jpg

Eyes – L’Oréal 4d Mascara

I used L’Oréal 4d mascara which really defines the eyes and is great  even if your not wearing any eyeshadow which I don’t unless I’m going out.

wpid-l_oreal-paris-false-lash-architect-4d-mascara.jpgEyeliner – Smash box Sienna eyeshadow

I love Smash box products especially  this softbox palette. Sienna is botyom right hand corner its a grwat colpur for day or night really makes the eyes pop. I literally wet a brush and dip it in this colour and line the lower and top lids with it as a eyeliner the brown is fab on brown eyes plus natural and light at same time.

wpid-081b4bf044b110a94fc9fba97c186fb9.jpgCheeks – Estee  Lauder Peach nuance

This blush never leaves my makeup bag it has a almost tie dye effect allowing you to lighten or deepen your blush it’s warm and natural and light on skin Fab!!

wpid-esteelauder2.jpgAnd there you have it ladies 💋let natural beauty shine x


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