Bridesmaid Duties : How I asked my favourite girls to be standing by my side!

So getting married is one of those life changing experiences and the girls you choose to by your side are just as important, with that in mind you want to include your nearest and dearest. We put a lot of thought into who we would choose for our bridal party so we obviously chose both our little sisters,as we both only have one sister each. My little sister Rosie is 16 and his little sister Emily who is 13 as they were a lot younger I got them more age orientated gifts. I also chose my best friend from College Sinead & My Childhood best friend Jenny. So when I went to visit them and ask them to be my bridesmaids I wanted it to be unique and to present them with a little gift.  I made these as a nice thoughtful way to ask them to be my bridesmaids …


So as blush pink was my colour theme for the wedding I wanted to make them pamper baskets so I sourced  the following items with this in mind:

Pink Baskets filled with a bottle of Rose Wine & Radox Bath Smoothie & Body Butter &Pink Nail Polish. 

Pink Glitter nail file & Pink Illuminating bronzing powder & CocoBrown Tan.

 Pink Tan glove & Pink Vaseline.

All the items you would love for a pampering night with a Glass of wine in hand!


img-thing (1)img-thing

I also wanted them to have a sentimental gift so I bought these beautiful miniature pendants from Simply Silver by Jon Richard. They are sterling silver with Cz diamonds and something small that will have forever. As both girls are different personalities I choose two different styles.



As we love nothing more than having a glass of wine and a good girly chat I printed of my favourite pictures of us both and got them printed on to stickers with the following ”As I get ready for the day to become a bride, I would be honoured to have you sipping by my side..”

I really love thoughtful gifts, getting creative & adding sentimentality to your gifts the girls loved these and the ideas I had behind them, Its a great way to show your friends you are thankful for their friendship! 

Hope you enjoyed this post let me know if you have done this yourself or plan on doing them for your bridesmaids ??

🎀 Elizabeth 🎀


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