Birthday Gift – Ladies say Hello to GlossyBox 💋

Sooo for my Birthday this February my Husband asked me what I would like as my gift. We only got married a few months ago and he has more than spoiled me with thoughtful gifts throughout the year plus Valentine’s Day is 8 days prior to my Birthday (which for him is horrible as he feels he runs out of gift idea’s and I feel bad for him). I love to travel so I said once we go away for a few days I’d be happy with that but he still wanted to hand me a gift so I couldn’t think of anything I wanted or needed until I thought of GlossyBox Gift Subscription


Being a Piscean of course means I ❀ to try new things as same routines bore the living daylights out of me:) so if your the same or know someone like this you have found the Perfect Gift!

They send you a starter kit to Welcome you which I think is fab this kit had a pretty black bow on the outside once opened it revealed :


Click here to see How It Works !

What is even more amazing rather than giving one gift to your loved one you can choose a 3month 6month or 12 month subscription which means they will receive a pretty pink parcel each month with beautiful gifts inside.
Who doesn’t like to pampered every month. I love that you do not know what your getting so it’s always a suprise!


My March box came very quickly too and I was delighted to find a highlighter brush, highlighter, shampoo & conditoner some Hey Honey face serum and Olay moisturiser Which are my favourites my skin is loving those two so much so I decided to order them. They are so gentle on my skin and super luxurious so it feels like you have spent a evening at the spa 🌸

What I love more is the pretty pink boxes can be upcycled and re-used to store some photo’s,make-up or even to put gifts in. My little brother robbed one to send his girlfriend in Germany a gift (Which I’m sure is a lot nicer than any mans gift wrapping skills πŸ˜›)

So go on and treat yourself,drop hints to your man for a upcoming birthday or spoil yourself or a friend either way you won’t be dissapointed πŸ’‹


7 thoughts on “Birthday Gift – Ladies say Hello to GlossyBox 💋

  1. Olivia says:

    This is such a perfect gift idea!! Also I would be so grateful if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think?
    Olivia xox

    • sprinklemepink says:

      Hi Olivia,
      I will indeed check out your blog!
      I think it is a great idea as us women are super fussy so suprises definately are a better approach 😊In the past he has made me hampers and filled them with my favourite products which was sweet ❀ xx

    • sprinklemepink says:

      Haha I like your style πŸ˜‰ I love that you get to pamper yourself with the treats and I am forever buying products to try and then end up hating them which is a waste of money, so this is a great way of reviewing before purchasing! What did you think of the Olay cream & Hey Honey serum?
      Elizabeth x

      • Just My Look says:

        Absolutely, I also find it stops me going into Boots and Superdrug and buying tons of makeup and skincare, cos this sort of whets my appetite! I liked the Olay cream alot, but the sample was so teeny I didn’t get much use to see if it made a difference to my skin. I haven started using the Hey Honey yet as I’m finishing up a serum Glossybox sent me in January! x

      • sprinklemepink says:

        Oh stop I’m the same as when I hear reviews I am sold. I tried avoid those aisle’s as its just clutter in my makeup kit then! I know it’s a shame they didn’t give us a bigger sample but I ordered it so I’ll let you know how I get on with it!
        What did you make if the razor have you used it yet it’s great for the shower so handy!

      • Just My Look says:

        Yeah I really liked the razor, so much so that I bought another one recently! It’s so handy with the built in soap, saves alot of time! Definitely would love to hear how the Olay works out x

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