Saturday Well Spent – In Dublin’s Fair City

Oh how I love a well spent Saturday. Yesterday was my day off & Graham’s Birthday gift was for Saturday night. So I made sure to get a great night sleep the night before. Friday  Night – I pampered myself the minute I got in from work I will blog post on my new fav products to have a pamper night with. Lit a few candles watched a movie. I also made sure to drink lots of water. I woke up feeling so refreshed and made a healthy breakfast to kickstart the day. I’ve recently gotten a fringe & it’s hard work to keep it at bay with my thick hair.


                 Lunch at GBK
We drove into town as we call it which is Dublin City and had some healthy dinner at  GBK Gourmet Burger Kitchen on St.William St it was delish. I always order the Grilled Chicken with Avocado without the bun and the Rosemary fries are amazing! I love this restaurants location as it is always bustling with people walking by.


       Macroons at Laurée Dublin
Then we popped into  Ladurée Dublin   to get some macroons. My little sister is an aspiring baker so I bought a box of 8 which is €16 to take home for her.



  Concert : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Live at 3Arena!

We then went to the 3Arena or as I still call it it’s orginal name The Point to see Macklemore live! I bought tickets for my hubbie in November for his birthday.
We were pretty early so we got  to see the support acts and I was delighted with our seats front row on the balcony and we could see absaloutly everything it was unreal. By far the best concert I have ever been to given the fact he has Irish relatives, he was certainly made very welcome the balcony at one point was shaking😂 and I wouldn’t mind I’m not the fan the hubbie is I think that’s why I loved it even more☺


  Gotta love neon lights we look like the pink panther here 🙈


Hope you all had a great weekend & Made the most of it ✌



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