New Mammy’s – Gifts To Shower Her In 🌹

So my beautiful friend Serena was  pregnant for what felt like forever. She found out she was expecting after our wedding weekend celebrations.

I decided that when the baby was born I would make her a pamper hamper. She had a beautiful Baby Boy and called him Ryan which I am delighted as that is my maiden name. She is now a Mam of 4 kids and she has been running around the past 10 years after her family of now 4. So she is long overdue a pampering basket.


Firstly I picked up some cute baskets in Penney’s they do 2packs of these yearly in a vary of different prints.I thought the grey polka dot was cute.


I decided I would fill it with items just for her and with the theme of relaxation. Having a newborn means she will be pretty restricted to the house for awhile. I made sure the items could be used for when she had a spare half hour to herself which in hindsight is rare.

For a Bubble Bath – I added the things I think make a bubble bath relaxing

Lily Candle Holder 🌸 & Do Not Disturb Sign for for that well needed bubble bath in peace.


Yankee Candle Strawberry Shortcake 🍓 

So the bathroom smells divine & like a spa retreat 🍓


Radox muscle soak

 to pour into a hot bath which is great for soaking your tired muscles in!


Lavender Bath salts & Lavender soap – Which are great before bed as it helps you sleep.


  Body Lotion – to lather your skin in & hydrate !



For the Hair – Hair Mask & Argan Hair Oil, Every pregnancy can take its toll on your hair & a lot of ladies loose some too so this is a nice treatment to help repair the hair!


Foot mask & Face Mask – This foot mask is great as it rids your feet of any dead skin and the face masks rejuvenates your skin.


Vitamin E sleep in mask – I adore this my all time fav as you can leave it in over night & Vitamin E is amazing for skin!


Body Salt Scrub & Hand Cream – Its smells amazing not only that the sugar scrub gets rids the skin of dead skin and those dry skin bumps at the back of your arms that we all hate!


I think its always important to remember when any woman gives birth that she has put her mind body & soul through alot and people tend to buy for the baby and forget the new mother. So its always nice to spoil & pamper them too ❤


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