Healthy Lunches – When On The Go !

I think these are great little pots to keep you healthy while on the go €2.65 a pot. Starbucks know how to keep you fueled with great protein & vitamin intake. It can be hard to find healthy treats at coffee shops. So this makes me pretty happy when I can grab one of these little beautys 🙌

         Egg Chicken & Spinach Pot
Blueberries & Red Grapes Fruit Pot

                      Salad Bowls

They also do some great salad options in Chicken & Salmon which for me is a great range of Gluten Free option!

Today I picked up the Hot Smoked Salmon & Greens Salad €5.95 !

It tasted amazing and I love the fact you can opt to not use dressing etc speaking to staff they told me it comes in fresh every morning and is also made in the same area which is nice to hear.

Now don’t forget to go grab one :)If you have any tips on great healthy options at your favourite cafe let me know !



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