Healthy Eating

There is nothing I love more than cooking. I love good food and I love to add different flavours in the kitchen. I also know that when I make my food fresh and from scratch that I won’t get Gluten contaminated and I can enjoy my meal. So here is a typical day and this is the options I like to cook all gluten free of course.


If I’m in a rush …Avocado on Brown Toast with Tea

On a Lazy day .. Boiled Eggs, Lean Bacon, Gluten Free Sausages & Bread


If I’m working .. Cos Lettuce, Mixed Peppers,Spring Onions,Cherry Tomatoes, Chicken in Tomatoe Passata & Melted Cheese 


When I’m home …Grilled Chicken, Garlic & Chilli Prawns on Bed of Salad 


In the Evening .. Herbal Tea, Hummus Carrots & Celery Sticks 



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