Retro Home Dècor Finds 

     Those little trinkets that bring joy!♡ 

 Anyone who knows me knows I love love anything vintage and unique. I adore pieces that catch your eye by being different and not just your typical household  item. As Konmari teaches everything must spark joy in your life. And if you don’t know who this woman is you need to get her teachings into your life asap!

                      Marie Kondo 

So I squeeled when I found these to pieces lately both have significant memorys behind them for me. 

First up is the Scottish Terrier Coat Hanger this screams my Dad he is a well known dog breeder,homer and lover of all things dog & animal related people refer to him as the dog whisperer. I bought this for my Dad * & also for myself so I would be reminded of that love I have for dogs because of him. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it as it is so made for him.

                    Scottie Door Hook

 I love partys and throwing them but more importantly my favourite holiday was to the carribean with my husband and this just reminds me of all of those combined. I’m also a big fan of art deco pieces and currently trying to collect pieces to make my own bar cart with and this bottle opener will be just the icing on the cake on the cart.

                 Parrot Bottle Opener

Both were on sale at Marks & Spencers at only €6.25 each! I would suggest popping into the store as they are sold out online at the moment. 



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