Home Decor at Hickeys 

I popped into Hickeys only to browse and ended up leaving with a bag full of home decor.Oops I guess I just couldn’t resist these bargains. There all so pretty in there own way. Here is what I picked up:

                 Over door Hooks €4

I think these are just gorgeous every girl loves sparkly items. I don’t like to put too many hooks on the back of a door as I find it can get very cluttered so with these one will go on the back of the bathroom door and the other two will go on the back of bedroom door & guest bedroom.

           LOVE Heart Jars €2.25

I love jars and love displaying food where you can see it as I find when you put food in the back of the press you either can’t see it, it goes un-used and out of date or you end up buying another just in case. This way you can display your food where you can see it.It also helps as you cut down wasting food. They could also be used in your bathroom to display things like cotton padd,cotton buds or bath salts etc whatever you use most of.
                 Place Mats €4.10

I love both the colour and quote on this as I love to cook and love people to people to sit down to dinner. I also love the duck egg colour. 

                      Heart Mirror €20

This is actually going to be a gift to my sister in law Emily ♡ (raging I didn’t get one myself but the store had only 1 left). She is only 13 and her Birthday is the end of the month. I thought it’d be a nice addition to her gift as it is something she can have forever , when she’s older she can bring it along to her new home. I think it’d be fab in a dressing room or bathroom too. 


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