Easter care package πŸ£πŸ‡

   Awh deployment how did we get here

2weeks in and my husband is away for Easter and he loves Easter as he’s a big choc-aholic and a even bigger kid  πŸ˜„

I decided to get a little creative and make him a very tasty easter care package. When he was last deployed I made him a Halloween one, filled with Halloween treats &movies so they could still celebrate even though away from home & he loved it. Even all his colleagues got to have some treats and watch the Halloween movies  which is great for morale. 
Firstly I just wanna say the whole point behind any care package is to bring the celebrations to them. Being away from home in a army camp isn’t exactly easy or nice and the funnier the better as it gives a little surprise when opened. And it’s definitely a change from boring brown box  packaging too. So the funnier and more creative the better!

Here’s what I used:

 To post 

Firstly I found Dealz great for the parcels they do 2 for €1.50 on flat pack boxes which is a great deal.

To Decorate

I found Dealz and Pound shop great for easter decorations they are all in around €1 to €1.50 plus you can re use them next year.

I  used coloured tissues and glued in to middle and sides of box.  


I picked up a load of different eggs in Dealz for €1.50 each and a bar of his favourite dark Chocolate in Dunnes.

For fun




As the post gets weighed you’d be suprised how heavy solid chocolate eggs are πŸ˜„ Post cost €24 but the sales assistant said I could of fit more in for that price. Also you don’t have to buy decorations if you have children get them to draw pictures to stick to the box. It’s just all about giving a personal touch. Can’t wait to see his response when he receives it!

Happy Easter everyone πŸ₯




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