Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter – The Library πŸ“–

Who loved watching Peter Rabbit as a child ? Well I did and loved being read to at night before bedtime . The weekend I was in Athlone on  a weekend away and popped into the local shopping centre for a browse and came across the complete collection of books by Beatrix Potter. 

Even though we don’t have children yet, I said to my Husband wouldn’t it be great when we finally start a family of our own that we have these to read. 

 I grew up in a era where mobile phones and tablets didn’t exist. My childhood was playing outdoors until it got dark,reading and watching classic movies. When I become a mother I want that to be the same foundation for my future children to grow up in for them to be children for as long as I have the power to allow them to be.   

It contains 10books and is in a beautiful display box to keep them nice and organised. They were €40 reduced to €20 in The Works shop.

They would make a great gift to a child, new parents or for the big kids in us all πŸ“–




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