My Top 10 Christmas gifts for your Man!

So what do you get the man who has everything this Christmas ? It gets harder the longer you are together and you run out of ideas fast. I love being creative and I also love giving lots of different presents instead of just one big gift with that in mind I took into consideration a few main things.

Us women like to be pampered so what not pamper them, we want thoughtful, practical and funny gifts so return the favour. We also have hobbies as do they so Always give what you’d expect and it doesn’t need to break the bank figure out a budget between you and work from there.

Funny stocking Fillers

He loves Nando’s & of course beer so these two are practical yet funny and also appreciating his manly things he likes to do as every  Man loves two things Food & Beer.

Pampering Items


Nowadays men do know what moisturiser is and are more cautious of their skin. I personally love this brand and my Husband said he noticed a big difference using this brand than a shop bought moisturiser so I got him the whole package this is great as you get extras too.



He hates Pj’s but Loves a comfortable pair of jog pants and a tee so these are perfect not the whole pj look either.ff522074ls.jpg

For the Feet!

Being a soldier he is always on his feet and it’s something men tend to neglect I could never find fluffy socks for men until recently so I think some woman decided that they needed this as much as we do. Dead Sea Creams are great too as they tend to be made for seaweed and this one  is great for your man’s man as it does not smell girly at all!

His favourite Hobbies

I picked his 4 Favourite’s . Music, Gym, Health & Looking Good 🙂


He loves Macklemore so of course when I heard he was playing Dublin I had to get tickets to his show.Macklemore ryan lewis


He loves Under Armour so I decided to get him two training tops to add to his growing collection.


He looks after himself by fueling with healthy foods and this works wonders his last blender has seen better days about 6 years old to be precise, so I decided to pick him up this Nutribullet Pro which has a lot more added to it. it might seem dear but I believe in investing in the quality in products especially the important ones.58-3392588mruc17645563x.jpg

Last but not least he likes …

Looking Good 😉

Being a army man he likes to always dress well and smart when he is not in gym mode. A nice smart Jumper  is a great gift to add to his wardrobe. and I thought this Coffee mug and coffee was also a added bonus as he won’t start any day without it !

So there you have it you want your man to feel loved appreciated to look and feel good and overall buy him gifts  he would like. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box trust me men are happier with less than you’d think.  Don’t over think it 🙂


Penney’s Christmas Decor 🍭🌲


So Christmas feels like its hitting us a little early this year with all retailers fully stocked and ready for the festive season. I used to think this was crazy but with our current economic climate I do think it’s great for people to get ready and in advance it helps beat the  Christmas rush & allows people to. So I recently picked up these fab little pieces in Primark and I am loving the fact they are super affordable too!


These ribbons come in gorgeous  colours grey,gold etc but I love this style reminds me of the candy cane design.


There are lots of Wreaths to choose from but I love this pine cone heart-shaped wreath simply because it reminds me of nature and outdoors & adds a character to your typical Christmas wreaths.


Fairy lights dress up rooms and can be used to make a room more cosy & intimate I plan on hanging these either above the fire-place or on the wall that the main sofa sits against.
The wreath holder is great stress free way of hanging your wreath from your front door without  it falling off they also come in red.
Jingle all the way trinket this is so cute and I’ll more than likely hang it on a door handle


Peg card holder – great for keeping your cards  neat and organised I’ll hang this above the stove


Sticker labels are a great easy & effective way to label your gifts I prefer these to the carded labels. As you simply won’t have time to write notes and sellotape them to each gift the simple To & From keeps it short and simple.


I also picked up some small baubles as I want to make a D.I.Y shadow box will post more on that at a later date! And the floor mat is a cute way to have a festive mat at your hall door,
Have you started your holiday decoration shopping or gift planning if so how do you get organised ? Feel free to leave your own tips below 🙂