Houmous with Harrisa 

While visiting my friend in London back in October. I ate in a Lebenese restaurant called Shava and was served the most amazing sauce with my dish. I asked the waitress what it was and she ended up giving me a few tubs to take home, which I brought back to Sara we both were amazed at the flavour and taste of the sauce she’s now addicted too 😛

 I have since been searching at home for Harrisa and came across this in Dunnes Stores recently it’s amazing by the way!

They also do the Harrisa Paste in their Deli section which I added to Vegan Burgers I made recently and it was divine. 

I use organic carrots and celery with it. Or you can use nachos or add it as a side with salad or dinner


The BEST All Day Pancakes Ever @ The Copper Kettle ☕

It’s so hard to find Gluten free products let alone a cafe that serves all day breakfast. This little gem of a coffee shop does both and to top it is very affordable. Based in the little quaint village of Rathcoole.

For €6.50 you will get a plate of Maple Pancakes with bacon & a big pot of tea at The Copper Kettle.  There was so much I couldn’t finish all the pancakes but they were absaloutly amazing!

Definately worth paying them a visit! 

Healthy Eating

There is nothing I love more than cooking. I love good food and I love to add different flavours in the kitchen. I also know that when I make my food fresh and from scratch that I won’t get Gluten contaminated and I can enjoy my meal. So here is a typical day and this is the options I like to cook all gluten free of course.


If I’m in a rush …Avocado on Brown Toast with Tea

On a Lazy day .. Boiled Eggs, Lean Bacon, Gluten Free Sausages & Bread


If I’m working .. Cos Lettuce, Mixed Peppers,Spring Onions,Cherry Tomatoes, Chicken in Tomatoe Passata & Melted Cheese 


When I’m home …Grilled Chicken, Garlic & Chilli Prawns on Bed of Salad 


In the Evening .. Herbal Tea, Hummus Carrots & Celery Sticks 


Healthy Lunches – When On The Go !

I think these are great little pots to keep you healthy while on the go €2.65 a pot. Starbucks know how to keep you fueled with great protein & vitamin intake. It can be hard to find healthy treats at coffee shops. So this makes me pretty happy when I can grab one of these little beautys 🙌

         Egg Chicken & Spinach Pot
Blueberries & Red Grapes Fruit Pot

                      Salad Bowls

They also do some great salad options in Chicken & Salmon which for me is a great range of Gluten Free option!

Today I picked up the Hot Smoked Salmon & Greens Salad €5.95 !

It tasted amazing and I love the fact you can opt to not use dressing etc speaking to staff they told me it comes in fresh every morning and is also made in the same area which is nice to hear.

Now don’t forget to go grab one :)If you have any tips on great healthy options at your favourite cafe let me know !


Gluten Free Popcorn by Propercorn


On a recent trip to Dunnes Stores I came across these healthy Gluten free popcorn made by ProperCorn. Being a Coeliac it’s very hard to find snacks that actually are 100% Gluten free. These were not stocked on the Gluten free aisle but I think that was mainly a marketing reason by the suppliers. They were absolutely delish and they make being a Coeliac a little more fun as they have so many options and different flavours especially coconut & sweet vanilla. I’m looking forward to seeing more from these guys 😋 Obviously non Coeliacs can have them too it’s just rare to find a healthy snack,that has no added msg and that is healthy too ✌

Have you found any healthy snacks that are new to the market and Gluten free/Dairy free friendly ?



Homemade Guccomole

So I’m all about making food from scratch and I’ve really fallen in love with Avocado. I’m usually the type of girl I will try any type of new foods once and if I like it fair enough, if not it goes into my memory bank of foods to never brave again. Funny enough being brought up in a family were my Mother always made fresh food & baked there isn’t much foods I don’t like to date so this little healthy snack is a great source of good fat for your body.


You can chop it up & add some tomatoes to your scrambled egg in the morning , or have it on it’s own, or maybe as a side for your dinner instead of fattening/sugary sauces.

My fiancè loves to add slices to his burgers or I like to always include it in a fresh salad or if your a nacho fan like me you’ll have to make this on its own for dipping your nachos into it . Guacamole comes from Mexico.

I remember the first time my fiancè cut up a avocado and he thought the seed on the inside could be eaten and the avocado was barely ripe that when I bit into it was like rubber very funny but after some avocado history from me he soon learnt how to prepare and know when the avocado was ripe enough to eat

2 Avocado’s
1 medium tomatoes
1 medium onion
1 chilli

Trick is : The ripeness of a avocado is so important so gently press down on the outside of the avocado and if it is soft you know it’s ready to eat if it’s hard it may need more time to ripen and if it’s very soft it could be gone off you won’t know that until you test it for taste and you usually can tell the minute it hits your palette. Think of it like the way bananas rippen.

Firstly Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed (be careful If you have children the seed is like a golf ball and young kids could get there hands on it ) image

Use a sharp knife to cut the outer skin off and then get a spoon and scoop the avocado from the skin.

Put into a bowl. Using a fork crush the avocado as if you are making mash.


Chop up a small tomatoe,onion and some chilli of you wish to add some spice I then squeeze in some fresh lemon & lime juice which stops the avocado from Browning and some people use salt too I don’t like salt so I leave it out.

And voila you have your own home made guccamole .. which can be used as a side or for dipping nachos,carrot sticks etc in 🍴