Bridesmaid Duties : How I asked my favourite girls to be standing by my side!

So getting married is one of those life changing experiences and the girls you choose to by your side are just as important, with that in mind you want to include your nearest and dearest. We put a lot of thought into who we would choose for our bridal party so we obviously chose both our little sisters,as we both only have one sister each. My little sister Rosie is 16 and his little sister Emily who is 13 as they were a lot younger I got them more age orientated gifts. I also chose my best friend from College Sinead & My Childhood best friend Jenny. So when I went to visit them and ask them to be my bridesmaids I wanted it to be unique and to present them with a little gift.  I made these as a nice thoughtful way to ask them to be my bridesmaids …


So as blush pink was my colour theme for the wedding I wanted to make them pamper baskets so I sourced  the following items with this in mind:

Pink Baskets filled with a bottle of Rose Wine & Radox Bath Smoothie & Body Butter &Pink Nail Polish. 

Pink Glitter nail file & Pink Illuminating bronzing powder & CocoBrown Tan.

 Pink Tan glove & Pink Vaseline.

All the items you would love for a pampering night with a Glass of wine in hand!


img-thing (1)img-thing

I also wanted them to have a sentimental gift so I bought these beautiful miniature pendants from Simply Silver by Jon Richard. They are sterling silver with Cz diamonds and something small that will have forever. As both girls are different personalities I choose two different styles.



As we love nothing more than having a glass of wine and a good girly chat I printed of my favourite pictures of us both and got them printed on to stickers with the following ”As I get ready for the day to become a bride, I would be honoured to have you sipping by my side..”

I really love thoughtful gifts, getting creative & adding sentimentality to your gifts the girls loved these and the ideas I had behind them, Its a great way to show your friends you are thankful for their friendship! 

Hope you enjoyed this post let me know if you have done this yourself or plan on doing them for your bridesmaids ??

🎀 Elizabeth 🎀


What I Wore to..My Engagement Party

So when you are recently engaged you want every excuse to wear a white dress.. I was super excited to have a engagement party. So of course I wanted a dress I would cherish forever and I decided on a fab white Crystal encrusted Rachel Gilbert . I was so excited when it arrived and was worth every penny. image  It was a strapless dress but I felt it needed straps as I felt I would be pulling it up all night as the crystals are quiet heavy and I am quite busty. I visited a family friend who is a seamstress and got her to add straps to the dress. image My theme was Old Hollywood so I wanted a lot of glamour I picked a pair of diamond stilettos up in a shoe shop in the Liberty’s in Dublin City they were worth a small fortune but looked amazing on. image image Earrings were Crystal Pavè bezel drops by Jon Richard and the hair clips were by Vincenza for Debenhams I loved the vintage plating on these as it really added character to them. image I booked into Citywest Hotel Angel Hairdressing for my hair to be done. Stylist washed, dried and ran the wand through it to get the relaxed Hollywood curls I asked for then myself and my lovely friend Serena had lunch in the hotel with our fresh makeup free faces before we set off to get our makeup done. image Tada the final look that Debroah from Closer2Fabulous created having worked with Debroah as a model. I cannot praise her work enough whether it’s under pressure or in a relaxed environment she always manages to make you feel like you are far away from the stresses of the outside world. She also takes her time to make sure you are 100% Fabulous and I opted for dewy Hollywood carpet fit makeup! L❤VE It !! image Some photo’s my man took before we left our room for our party. The bracelets I am wearing are Pearl charm by Thomas Sambo and the Crystal bracelet in the middle is from Forever21 image Myself & My handsome Hubbie to be at our party 💏 (Note the sky scraper Crystal stilettos I earlier wore had to be changed for a comfort /lower heel) 😂 image Have you a engagement party to plan.. if so what are you planning on wearing ? 💏

🎀 Elizabeth 🎀


Personal ways.. to number your Wedding tables

So you’re getting married and you want to add some personal touches without getting to carried away..

I have looked for ways to add my own little touches to my wedding day. If your blessed with a great venue as I am that does not need much decorating then that’s great as you don’t want to go too OTT.. But it can be a expensive so be realistic I love photography and photographs to me really are sentimental. so I decided Instead of your plain numbers I wanted to put photographs of us at different ages in our lives as the table numbers as we are having 170 guests that’s 17 years in photos from Age 1 to 17. I also thought it was a fun way for your family & friends to have a giggle over your childhood photos.

On a recent trip to Penneys I came across these wooden heart-shaped frames perfect for my tables they were €5 each but were reduced to €2 each and I ended up getting exactly 17 of them for €36 what a bargain.. So keep your eyes open and always buy in sale to keep your budget down!! Plus these frames will be amazing scattered throughout your house when you get married. With social media taken over today its seldom people actually print photographs out so this gives you a perfect excuse to organise those snaps and get to a printers.


🎀 Elizabeth 🎀

Wedding Ring shopping 💎 💍


So lately I’ve been finding it hard to find the perfect wedding band to match my Vintage halo engagement ring. Because the engagement is so unique I never realized that having a one of a kind ring would be so hard to match up.


The ring has 6 diamonds on the right and 6 diamonds on the left of the centre Diamond. Then the inside shoulders have 5 diamomds on each side totally 10 diamonds per side and also diamonds surround my centre Diamond on top and around that’s a lot of diamonds for one ring!


I originally wanted a curved wedding band to match my engagement ring But have been wary as to get a perfectly fitted curved band. Some jewellers say it’s the only way to have the band sit perfectly against it, others say it’ll destroy my claw settings and scrape the diamonds  eventually from wear and tear. And I’ve been to so many jewellers looking at costs. Some see my engagement ring and automatically double the price. One jewellers quoted €1,200 to make it in 18k gold to match my engagement ring with 6 diamonds on each side which would be 12 diamonds in Colour G Clarity SII. Then I found a jewellers who was selling there own curved bands for €840 but when I tried it there was still a significant gap. It looked very well but I still was a little unsure it was too much


But funny enough the last jewellers I visited called Bespoke Diamonds on Kildare st. Tom wasn’t interested to in telling me how I should of definitely go for these curved rings he gave me the option to try two to my hubbies delight


As with time I’d like to have two matching bands 1. As my wedding band and 2. Hopefully as a eternity ring so I noticed how O.T.T they looked and almost Lego-like. Also he noted I have more than enough going on in my engagement ring that a simpler wedding ring would be just as nice. The jeweller kindly showed me a alternative V shaped wedding ring and interestingly I actually found it quite flattering and especially in cost costing almost half of the first option..


The thing I liked about this V shaped band was it could be worn on its own and still looked nice unlike the curved bands looked odd on there own and there would be days were I wouldn’t wear my engagement ring.


What do you girls think ?? Any opinions on which set you would prefer??


Yes 💎! The New Years that had a ring to it 💍

The Reception

New years eve 2012 happened to be the most life changing New Years of my life.. My boyfriend and I decided to attend a Charity New Years Eve ball with friends in aid of Barnardos Ireland in The Westgrove Hotel in Clane Co.Kildare.  I always find New Years eve to be disastrous no taxi’s, long ques, people squashed into clubs and in Ireland it usually results in walking home in a snow blizzard.. So this New Years we had a mission and it was to have a really good night. The hotel was fab modern and stylish and really took my breath away, the reception area had lovely big lounge sofas and a 360 window with lovely views. The night started of to a Champagne reception and we all got to kick back until the bell rang for dinner..image

The Meal

We were all seated to a five course meal which was a bit fancier than our usual New years food haha! Food was absolutely amazing, for starters I ordered Roast vegetable soup with chives followed by Champagne sorbet and for mains I had the Seabass fillet with cauliflower Puree, Saffron Cream and Buttered lemon asparagus. We were all so stuffed after all the courses it was hard to even move. After dinner there was a raffle and to my amazement my ticket was picked out not once but twice the first was a bottle of Champagne and second prize was a weekend away to the Radisson Blu Hotel Galway I was delighted as I never win raffles.image

The Proposal

After the raffle the band came on and we spent the night shaking it on the dance floor the waiters served us champagne for the twelve bells and we all sang in the count down. I was feeling a little tired and wanted to sit down ( the joys of being a coeliac, eating such a big dinner can make me very sleepy) My Boyfriend convinced me to stay up just a little longer, so I did about ten minutes later the band called out for everyone to form a circle on the dance floor. I laughed  as I thought we were going to do a funny dance. When suddenly I hear the MC say ” Is there Elizabeth in the room? ” My boyfriends friend chuckled and then I heard the MC say is there a ”Graham here” I seriously thought they were trying to embarrass me as boys will be boys. So I didn’t know what to think until I seen Graham appear with a mike in his hand at this point I was so confused, but I found myself  now in the middle of the floor with the rest of the guest surrounding me.  He proceeded to tell me that he knew I was the one.. when I waited 6 months for him while he was deployed on a peace keeping mission with the Irish Army. That he knew the moment he landed when he seen I was standing in the airport waiting for him and how he felt about me to which I heard a few ”Awhhss” from the crowd. He said I know were young but so what I want to ask you something and just like that he got down on one knee in front of the whole room and asked me to marry him I actually went snow-white with shock I started to cry I couldn’t believe it as I had no idea he had planned this without me even noticing, especially as us women have a way of finding out everything.image

The Answer

Before he got to finish I paused and actually turned to his friends girlfriend who had my camera that I hoped she had gotten this moment everyone laughed out loud and then I turned to Graham and I said ” Yes of course I will Marry you ” I was shaking while he put the ring on my finger and everyone cheered it was such a happy moment. I can’t even remember what I said after that because I was so shocked but so happy..The Dj played Joe Dolan’s ”Goodlooking Woman” which is hilarious such a typical Irish song and we had a little victory dance while all the guests surrounded us. After our dance we went outside to  call our parents and any of our close friends who couldn’t make it that night. We truly enjoyed every minute it was so exciting with people coming up to congratulate us and wish us well.image

image The ring

My engagement ring was gorgeous I couldn’t believe how he had gotten it so right. I love vintage engagement rings with the focus being on the detail more so than the modern rings. He explained that he hadn’t spent a fortune on the ring encase I didn’t like it but that he would get me whatever I wanted as he had put money aside for my ring. To be honest I didn’t care because it was all the things I love in a ring. It was so special to me that he had picked it out without any help from anyone especially the fact he got it all so right and it was unique made me one very happy lady.

image image

The Aftermath 

When the ball ended we went home and stayed up singing Sing star with our friends until all hours which was very funny. When we woke the next day I still couldn’t believe the night had ended with a diamond ring on my finger.  I went to turn on my camera and thought it was broken, until I charged it to see his friends girlfriend had in fact got the whole moment. I was so happy because it happened so quickly I didn’t think she would have been able to work my camera or get the moment so quickly but she did and I was so happy that our special moment was captured on camera. It was perfect. Its such a precious moment that I can treasure for the rest of my life..


The Future

So now I can say 2013 was the start of the rest of my life. I never really thought about marriage or being proposed to of course all girls do dream in our own little bubbles, but I always believed in everything happens for a reason and if it is meant for you it will be.  Meeting a man who is not afraid to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him, has certainly made me cherish him that much more and the people who surround me. I am very blessed to have such wonderful people who I love.. love me in return, Stay tuned for my wedding plans .. to be continued 🙂


Love and Light 



Wedding Cake Tasting 🎂 🍰

So last weekend we decided to make a trip to our wedding cake baker Maria of Maria’s Cakes in Kilkenny City. So we booked a hotel and went down the night before. We met the lovely Maria back in February at a wedding fair at our wedding venue Langtons and we both were instantly drawn to her wedding cakes which says a lot as there’s so many wedding cake vendors at these events.
I had saved a photo of a cake I loved when we first got engaged and was so surprised to see she had the exact cake on display 2 years later. What I loved about this cake was it wasn’t what you’d typically see at a wedding, it was different and had character and funny enough reminded me of my Grandmother’s baking as she always loved Victoria sponge. Maria offered us 10% OFF if we booked with her on the day which was great and we instantly paid a deposit of €50. I explained I’d be having 170 guests and unlike most caterers she didn’t try make us order a bigger cake she explained the size she had on display would be perfect.

Having attended a lot of weddings I haven’t really enjoyed the typical iced cake and found it very dry and the icing sweet and to a required taste, although I love how iced cakes look design wise. I opted for taste over look this time. My Mam is a big baker and is known for her baking ,so I would have liked her to of made my wedding cake but that’s a lot of pressure to make a cake to feed 170 guests so I wanted a cake she would love to.

The Tasting
On the day before our trip to Kilkenny we booked in with her for our cake tasting which was a last-minute decision she kindly fit us in we arrived at her coffee shop. Maria’s cake shop is on situated inside  Kilkenny Retail Centre, on a the lovely James’s Street, Kilkenny and she had laid out some lovely big teacups and a stand of delicious cakes to taste  My Fiancè was very excited about this which was very funny.

She had Lemon drizzle ,Chocolate Malteaser , Carrot cake, White chocolate & Raspberry sponge, strawberry jam & Cream, and Chocolate cake. I thought Graham would love the Chocolate cake as he’s a big chocolate fan. I personally like lemon & carrot cake but found lemon to biter for a wedding cake it was delicious though and so was the carrot cake. The raspberry and white chocolate was a hit with Graham which shocked me but made me happy as I wanted to make sure he had a say in the cake too. I really enjoyed the White chocolate and raspberry I thought it was fresh and sweet but the bitterness of the fresh raspberrys made it that much more enjoyable.Every cake was amazing but I was delighted that we both agreed on the same flavourings and that Graham loved my ideas as much as I did.


Being Coeliac I had a few questions about gluten-free options Maria can bake any cake, Gluten free, egg free,dairy free and vegan friendly options. Everything they make is homemade using Free Range eggs from Granstown Portlaoise and real Irish butter from local shops in Kilkenny. Which is very important to me to know exactly were the ingredients are coming from.

So Maria showed us her portfolio and we decided on what style tiers we wanted the overall look of the cake and the fillings. We decided to have the top-tier which is the smallest for ourselves as everyone says you never get to taste your own wedding cake as your so busy so we had made a pact to reserve a tier so we could enjoy it. We decided the Top (Which is smallest tier) and bottom tier (which is largest) would be White chocolate and freash raspberry jam filling
and the middle tier was Traditional Victorian sponge with strawberry jam & fresh cream.


Maria was so helpful with the design,layout and filling and I decided on fresh blush pink roses to decorate the cake. I being a typical woman liked three different design aspects of three different cakes

1. I loved the fresh pink roses I seen on the cake below.

2. I loved the fresh strawberries, raspberry and red currants I had seen on the original cake we first seen at the wedding fair. But I didn’t want them to be overpowering and I liked the icing powder I think it added an edge to the cake.

3. I liked the neater tier displayed cake so changed the dimensions so it wasn’t compromising the overall design. I found the bigger the cake the more sloppy it became so I didn’t want that to happen to our cake.

It was so much fun and honestly I think every couple should take time out to go cake tasting as it’s important to do these tasks together and get your husband to be’s advice. I honestly can’t recommend Maria enough she was such a great help and listened to every need and want in our wedding cake. I would recommend making a visit to Maria’s bakery you can contact her via the following details below.



 085 8308398   /  056 7780494


Maria’s Cakes Kilkenny



I also forgot to add the delivery is included in the price and any requests on your wedding day like reserving your tier or how its to be cut can be done. I cant wait to see our finished cake on the day I will upload shots then. Hope you enjoyed my post now I am off to make some Tea & Cake ..Yum !