Easter care package 🐣🐇

   Awh deployment how did we get here

2weeks in and my husband is away for Easter and he loves Easter as he’s a big choc-aholic and a even bigger kid  😄

I decided to get a little creative and make him a very tasty easter care package. When he was last deployed I made him a Halloween one, filled with Halloween treats &movies so they could still celebrate even though away from home & he loved it. Even all his colleagues got to have some treats and watch the Halloween movies  which is great for morale. 
Firstly I just wanna say the whole point behind any care package is to bring the celebrations to them. Being away from home in a army camp isn’t exactly easy or nice and the funnier the better as it gives a little surprise when opened. And it’s definitely a change from boring brown box  packaging too. So the funnier and more creative the better!

Here’s what I used:

 To post 

Firstly I found Dealz great for the parcels they do 2 for €1.50 on flat pack boxes which is a great deal.

To Decorate

I found Dealz and Pound shop great for easter decorations they are all in around €1 to €1.50 plus you can re use them next year.

I  used coloured tissues and glued in to middle and sides of box.  


I picked up a load of different eggs in Dealz for €1.50 each and a bar of his favourite dark Chocolate in Dunnes.

For fun




As the post gets weighed you’d be suprised how heavy solid chocolate eggs are 😄 Post cost €24 but the sales assistant said I could of fit more in for that price. Also you don’t have to buy decorations if you have children get them to draw pictures to stick to the box. It’s just all about giving a personal touch. Can’t wait to see his response when he receives it!

Happy Easter everyone 🐥




The BEST All Day Pancakes Ever @ The Copper Kettle ☕

It’s so hard to find Gluten free products let alone a cafe that serves all day breakfast. This little gem of a coffee shop does both and to top it is very affordable. Based in the little quaint village of Rathcoole.

For €6.50 you will get a plate of Maple Pancakes with bacon & a big pot of tea at The Copper Kettle.  There was so much I couldn’t finish all the pancakes but they were absaloutly amazing!

Definately worth paying them a visit! 

Packing for 4days in London

I’m off to London to visit my long term school friend Sara which I cannot wait to see her. I’ve decided to post on how to travel light. 

I booked a flight via Ryanair & got return flights from Dublin to London (Stansted) for €63. You get a free carry on case + your handbag which is great for that price so  with that in mind I wanna pack light.


I always use my  It luggage suitcase in the carry on  version it’s light & flexible  because it doesn’t have boning  in the case, you can squeeze so  much in that you wouldn’t fit in a hard case.


Travel size Toiletries Lidl do amazing travel size Toiletries for like under a €1 they are so handy and travel safe. 

Don’t forget to make a list it helps!

First of I  do out a list of what I will bring it helps stop over packing items you won’t even use and you can plan your outfit. 

            Carry on Bag + Handbag

I  usually bring a bagpack for the plane as I find its awkward trying to grip a handbag while wheeling a suitcase. I  pack a small over the shoulder bag which fits into the backpack too.

         Footwear – comfy yet trendy !

A pair of comfortable runners for all the walking. I  brought my grey Nikey’s as they are dressy yet comfy.
I also  brought my new look ankle boot heel its a block heel and low so when walking about they don’t kill your vibe.

           Jeans – Casual + Dressy 

High waisted indigo and a blue wash.

I  always think indigo jeans are dressy and blue wash a bit more casual I  always wear high waisted as with my height they suit my shape better.

              Winter Coat + Scarve       

This black & rose gold detail jacket is dressy yet warm with a de-tachable hood  so  it’s handy to change it up whatever the weather. 
                       Warm scarf  

This Scarve can double up as a shawl if you don’t want to wear it with a heavy coat you can wear  it over a jumper. 

The power of Yoga – How to Be Mindful of Yourself 🌸

                      Mindful you

I  can not express enough how kind you have to be to your body & soul.
My life involves long working hours/mainly standing for a long period of time, dealing with the general public can also become stressful.

So I am firm believer in giving something back to yourself. Nowadays our lives are consumed with so much more than those before us – social media,computers,mobile phones, there is so much distractions that is why you need to switch off and reset your body & soul.

I  do yoga class once a week and try practice myself when not in class as its great way to stretch the body and ease tension or inflammation . I suffer from severe lower back pain which is to do with 2reasons I have a problem with my bowel for the last 6year’s & because of my height its always going to be a problem I am just about 5ft 10. 
So a little note on how to Focus – Slow down above all destress.


                          x o 

Be Present – remove those notifications for social networks of your phone & email it’s taken up your precious time with your loved ones.there is a reason they call it online it’s not real time.

Conversate – Ask friends to meet for coffee, go for dinner,dancing,or take a day trip someone new on your day off keep your friendships away from social media and in the present time and make time to really talk & above all listen to others.

Go outside – Go for walks, sit in the garden with a cup of tea, plant a vegtable garden, feed the birds, take up an outdoors hobbie. I love to be by the sea so if your the same make a walk by the sea a regulary routine. 

Hydrate -Drink lots of water add lemons, limes, ginger or any other fruit. Its  great detox for your liver.
Eat -Well try aim to eat 90% plant based meals feed your body with foods that nuture & benefit you and your health.

Sleep – Make sure to rest when you need to especially when sick we spend too much time trying to rush around instead of listening to what our bodies need. Your body heals & grows while rested remember that. It also makes you more aware & focus when your well rested.

Travel – I love the feeling of landing in a new country full of excitement & possibilities. Its food for the soul you feel refreshed and revived just do it!

Read – Zone out and get lost in a book its really great for the mind and also its the only time you get to fully relax is when your focused on reading a book.
Meditate – Learn to love silence and alone time to yourself focus on your breathing, clearing your mind and soul. It’s a great stress reliever and brings calmness to your life as you learn to cope with anything the day might throw at you I love this Charlie Chaplin piece from his poem Love Yourself really meaningful words! ❤

Be grateful for all you have and the little things in life and on that note I am going to share a little message a friend who lives across the world (South Africa to be precise) sent me. It was something I was grateful for.  He emailed me one day out of the blue I was having a stressful day in work.

I told him how reading his e-mail cheered me up and reminded me that I am able to overcome anything.

I saved it to my phone as I just thought his words were uplifting and I appreciate how lucky I am to have a friend like that who maybe miles away but still thinks of you 💞

Home Decor at Hickeys 

I popped into Hickeys only to browse and ended up leaving with a bag full of home decor.Oops I guess I just couldn’t resist these bargains. There all so pretty in there own way. Here is what I picked up:

                 Over door Hooks €4

I think these are just gorgeous every girl loves sparkly items. I don’t like to put too many hooks on the back of a door as I find it can get very cluttered so with these one will go on the back of the bathroom door and the other two will go on the back of bedroom door & guest bedroom.

           LOVE Heart Jars €2.25

I love jars and love displaying food where you can see it as I find when you put food in the back of the press you either can’t see it, it goes un-used and out of date or you end up buying another just in case. This way you can display your food where you can see it.It also helps as you cut down wasting food. They could also be used in your bathroom to display things like cotton padd,cotton buds or bath salts etc whatever you use most of.
                 Place Mats €4.10

I love both the colour and quote on this as I love to cook and love people to people to sit down to dinner. I also love the duck egg colour. 

                      Heart Mirror €20

This is actually going to be a gift to my sister in law Emily ♡ (raging I didn’t get one myself but the store had only 1 left). She is only 13 and her Birthday is the end of the month. I thought it’d be a nice addition to her gift as it is something she can have forever , when she’s older she can bring it along to her new home. I think it’d be fab in a dressing room or bathroom too. 

Retro Home Dècor Finds 

     Those little trinkets that bring joy!♡ 

 Anyone who knows me knows I love love anything vintage and unique. I adore pieces that catch your eye by being different and not just your typical household  item. As Konmari teaches everything must spark joy in your life. And if you don’t know who this woman is you need to get her teachings into your life asap!

                      Marie Kondo 

So I squeeled when I found these to pieces lately both have significant memorys behind them for me. 

First up is the Scottish Terrier Coat Hanger this screams my Dad he is a well known dog breeder,homer and lover of all things dog & animal related people refer to him as the dog whisperer. I bought this for my Dad * & also for myself so I would be reminded of that love I have for dogs because of him. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it as it is so made for him.

                    Scottie Door Hook

 I love partys and throwing them but more importantly my favourite holiday was to the carribean with my husband and this just reminds me of all of those combined. I’m also a big fan of art deco pieces and currently trying to collect pieces to make my own bar cart with and this bottle opener will be just the icing on the cake on the cart.

                 Parrot Bottle Opener

Both were on sale at Marks & Spencers at only €6.25 each! I would suggest popping into the store as they are sold out online at the moment. 


Dunmore East,Waterford – Bank Holiday Getaway

I can’t believe we are already into August. In Ireland its our bank holiday weekend the 1st weekend. I was working one day on one day off the weekend so didn’t really feel like I had a long weekend. My Husband’s Aunt Serena invited us down to Dunmore East in Waterford for the Bank Holiday weekend. His Grandmother is from this little fishing harbour so it’s a tradition to go every year. As I couldn’t make 2nights we drove down Sunday  to stay for one night when I finished work. 

We arrived about 8.40pm so the drive only took us less than 2hours from Dublin via N7. It was warm and still bright so we checked into our hotel. We stayed at The Three Sisters literally 5mins away from the Harbour. Dunmore is a old fishing harbour so it’s all uphill & quaint. 

We then met his aunt for dinner at The Haven hotel its a gorgeous georgian style hotel with big bay windows with a view overlooking  the ocean. I had Prawn coctail for my dinner with gluten free toasted bread & a side of mushy peas.  Random I know, but I was limited to gluten free options,I also had a glass of wine. For desert  Eaton mess & tea of course. He had a Beef Burger with side of Chips & a few beers . For desert toffee pudding  our meal cost €52 which was pretty reasonable priced.

We then walked up hill to a little pub called Powers and had a few drinks there. Its a small fishermans pub and very homely feel to it. We then walked down to The Strand Inn and stayed there for the rest of the evening. It is quite lively and has a late bar too.

                         Monday :

We woke about 11am showered because we missed breakfast we walked down to The Strand Inn for Lunch it was raining non stop which is to be expected when by the sea but we didnt allow that to ruin our plans. 

We stopped on the way at The Fishermans hall the place his Grandparents 1st met at a dance he was a soldier and from Wexford and she was from a Farming Family in the harbour. I think it’s cool that this building is still being used in the town.

          Lunch at The Strand Inn

We went for lunch at The Strand Inn its literally overlooking the bay and very cosy. We both had open prawn sandwhiches which were amazing and sat watching the rain beat down on the Inn. 

                Where To Stay: 

Dunmore East is full of B&B’s and small boutique style hotels as the harbour attracts a lot of vistors you are best to book in advance at peak season. 

My top 3 would be as follows.

    The Haven Hotel

    The Strand Inn

    The Three Sisters

Hope you all had a great weekend 🌹